Race Pack Pick-Up

When: Saturday 30 May - 9am to 5pm.

Where: Christchurch Town Hall, Kilmore St, Christchurch. For map & info... Click Here.

Bring: The entry confirmation entry that we emailed you.

All participants must collect their race pack. Race packs include essentials such as race number, electronic timing chip, programme, sponsor goodies & any merchandise you may have ordered.

If you cannot collect your race pack, someone else may pick it up provided they have your email confirmation. 

Participants driving from out of town on race morning may pick up race pack on race morning 7:00am-7:45am.

Car Parking is via surrounding streets. To see council parking sites... Click Here.

Race Day Info

Sunday May 31


6:30am:       Christchurch Town Hall Opens
7:30am:       Full Marathon Special Drinks Closes
7:30am:       10k, 21k, 42k begin assembling at Start
7:45am:       Pre-race Briefing (compulsory)

7:59am:       START – Wheelchair Racers (refer below)
8:00am:       START - 42k, 21k, 10k (runners, walkers)

8:30am:       10k Winner Expected
9:00am:       Half Marathon Winner Expected
10:15am:     Marathon Winner Expected

12:15pm:     Kids' Mara'Fun to Muster Area
                    (north cnr Kilmore St & Colombo St)
12:30pm:     START - Kids' 1k Mara'Fun (5-6yrs)
12:40pm:     START - Kids' 2k Mara'Fun (7-8yrs)
12:50pm:     START - Kids' 2k Mara'Fun (9-10yrs)
1:00pm:       START - Kids' 3k Mara'Fun (11-15yr)

1:45pm:       PRIZE GIVING - Christchurch Town Hall
2:00pm:       Course Closes
2:45pm:       Prize Giving Finishes.

Event Village

All activities on race weekend will be based from the Christchurch Town Hall on Kilmore Street.

This includes the pre-race registration, start, finish and prize giving.

On race day a secure bag storage area will be available inside the Town Hall.

There will be entertainment, sponsor displays, event merchandise and vendors with food and beverages available all weekend.

Post-race Massage will be available inside between 9:30am & 3:00pm - $25.00 for 15min (cash only).


The Christchurch Town Hall has toilets in-house.
Portable toilets will be available on Kilmore St.
There are public toilets at Cathedral Sq, 2min jog away.
Aid Stations will have portable toilets.

Travel & Transport

Our Christchurch Town Hall venue makes the Christchurch Marathon the most convenient in NZ:

>  Walking distance from accommodation options.

>  15min from Christchurch International Airport.

>  All buses stop 5min walk away at Cathedral Square.

>  5min walk to CBD shopping & cafes.

>  Major car parking options within 10min walk.

On Race Day access to the CBD area will have vehicle restrictions from 5am. For race day traffic updates & best routes to the race... Click Here.

Car Parking

On race day, participants should look to parking options south of the Christchurch Town Hall.

No parking will be allowed on the course at any time.

For maps of city car parking... Click Here.

Start / Finish

The 10k, 21k & 42k start outside the Christchurch Town Hall, on Kilmore Street, facing east.

The start area will be divided up into zones based on your predicted time. Line up in a realistic zone.

The Kids Mara'Fun should assemble on the northern side of Kilmore & Colombo Street for their start.

All events FINISH outside the Christchurch Town Hall, heading west on Kilmore St.

Electronic Timing

Participants receive a race number, with disposable timing chip on the back.

The race number must be worn high on the chest, on the outside of clothing.

The race number/chip must not be tampered with or altered in any way.

Aid Stations

Aid Stations are every approx. 5k & consist of Toilets, First Aid & Drinks.

Drink Stations provide water and PURE isotonic energy drink in paper cups.

There are no sponges, Coke or bottles provided.

Aid Station Locations
>  5k - Hagley Pk.
>  10k & 31k - Madras St (21k & 42k only).
>  16k, 26k, 37k - cnr Locklsey Ave & McBratney’s Rd (21k & 42k only).
>  20.5k - Mervyn Dve (42k only).

Full Marathon Special Drinks
Full Marathon Special Drinks will be catered for at drink stations from 10k onward.

Special Drinks must be handed in to our Town Hall info desk by 7:30am on race day.

They must be marked clearly with your race number and the aid station you want them at (10k onward only).


Walkers must only walk! Entrants wishing to walk/jog must enter as runners.

The only walk technique required is that one foot should be in contact with the ground at all times.

The Walks will be scrutineered to ensure the above. If a walker is judged to be running, they will be "promoted" to the running section of the results.

Walkers are identified by the red lettering on race numbers. Race numbers must be visible at all times.

Walkers must line up toward the rear of their event.

Please do not walk more than three-abreast at any time.

Important Safety Notices

Music Devices
The use of earphone/earbud music devises is strongly discouraged. They are dangerous due to users not being able to hear course officials, other participants or traffic around them. We have had participants fall over due to users of music devises. Please do not wear these during the event. The exception is the Aftershokz-style earpiece, where they sit on your skull, rather than in your ear.

Traffic Controls
There will be traffic controls on the course. BUT this does not mean there will be no vehicles on the roads. We must cater for traffic movements at major intersections, resident movements on the course, and access for emergency vehicles. You will not have sole use of the roads. At all times you must keep to the side of the road, watch for traffic, obey normal road rules and follow instructions of marshals.

Road Quality
The ongoing earthquake rebuild mean parts of the course are rough. We have improved the worst areas as best we can, but participants need to be alert to rough surfaces and gravel at times.

Course Cut-Offs
Due to traffic management restrictions, the opening 10k of the course will close at 10:00am, and the remainder of the course will close at 2:00pm. Participants on the course after these times will be marshaled on to footpaths and be running unofficially without course controls and at their own risk and responsibility.

Race Rules

>  In entering this event all participants have agreed to an event waiver whereby they enter and participate at their own risk, and are responsible for their own actions at all times with no liability to the organisers, sponsors, or associated parties.

>  Entries are not transferable to other people.

>  You must wear your race number on your chest, on the outside of clothing.

>  You must not tamper with or adjust your race number in any way.

>  You must start within the zone that fits with your estimated finish time zone.

>  You must follow the course as set out in the event programme (issued with your race pack).

>  You must obey directions of course marshals and police at all times.

>  You must keep to the side of the road and give way to traffic at all times, unless advised otherwise by marshals or Police.

>  Entrants being overtaken must give right of way to faster entrants during the race.

>  You must not be accompanied or assisted in any way by cyclists, vehicles, animals or people not entered in the race.

>  Absolutely no child buggies, cycles, skateboards, scooters or roller blades on the course.

>  Organisers reserve the right to require further information on entrants under 16 years of age.

>  Only entrants wearing the official race number will be allowed to enter the finishing chute.

>  All entrants must comply with the rules of Athletics New Zealand and the International Athletic Federation.

>  Only participants who are current members of an Athletics New Zealand/Athletics Canterbury club are eligible for NZ or Canterbury championship awards.

>  Any entrant who contravenes general competition or race rules will be ineligible for prizes.

>  The course cut-off on race day is 2:00pm.